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Click here to see our very own neuropsychologist, Dr. Clara Vila-Castelar, and neurologist, Dr. Liliana Ramírez Gómez, speak on the importance of Latino representation in research on Hablemos (2021).

MGH Press Release: Press Conference — September 14th, 2021

Press Conference Brochure

Previous Press Releases

MGH Press Release: Gene variant may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease (Click here to read MGH summary)

NIH Press Release: Unique case of disease resistance reveals possible Alzheimer’s treatment

Harvard Press Release: Why some people are resistant to Alzheimer’s

This breakthrough research from the Familial Dementia Neuroimaging Lab and the Multicultural Alzheimer’s Prevention Program which Dr. Quiroz directs, was covered by numerous other outlets, including:

  • The New York Times: Why Didn’t She Get Alzheimer’s? The Answer Could Hold a Key to Fighting the Disease
  • Reuters: Rare Genetic Finding May Help in Search for Alzheimer’s Therapies
  • Newsweek: Alzheimer’s: Woman With Extremely Rare Gene Mutation That Protects Her From Dementia Discovered
  • WBUR: How A Woman In Her 70s Might Be The Key To A New Alzheimer’s Treatment
  • Channel 7 News (Australia): Rare Gene Link to Alzheimer’s Resistance
  • The Harvard Gazette: Why Some People are Resistant to Alzheimer’s
  • Psych Central: Genetic Rarity Points the Way to Eluding Alzheimer’s – Perhaps For Decades
  • Lancet Neurology: Research momentum brings hope for dementia in 2019
  • Science magazine: Colombian woman’s genes offer new clues to staving off Alzheimer’s

If you’re interested in reading the Nature Medicine article, click here.

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