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The Boston Latino Aging Study (BLAST) is an observational study that aims to understand memory and age-related disorders in older Latinx populations. In this study, participants will undergo cognitive testing and answer demographic and health-related questions. We hope to enroll 100 individuals into BLAST over the next 2 years. In addition, participants will receive a report regarding their cognitive and memory performance.


Quick Info:

  • Searching for Latinos age 60-90 with no cognitive/memory issues
  • Only 2 visits are required
  • Transportation can be covered if needed
  • Compensation will be given

Why it matters:

Findings will give us a greater understanding of the changes in thinking and behavior within Latinos that are related to preclinical Alzheimer’s disease. This will also set the stage for future research on the differences of these changes between various races and ethnicities.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Spanish speaking (monolingual or bilingual) Latino
  • Age range from 60 to 90.
  • Has a study partner who can answer questions pertaining to daily functioning.

Contact: Jairo Martinez (617) 643-5880 –


El Boston Latino Aging Study (BLAST) es un estudio de observación que intenta entender los cambios de memoria y el envejecimiento en la población latina. En este estudio, los participantes harán pruebas cognitivas y cuestionarios sobre información demográfica y médica. Esperamos inscribir 100 individuos a BLAST en los próximos 2 años. Adicionalmente, los participantes recibirán un reporte sobre su desempeño en las pruebas de cognición y memoria.


Llame a Jairo Martinez (617) 643-5880 –